US coronavirus: New York coronavirus says ‘tame the monster’ while some states see hospitalizations

As of Saturday, coronavirus cases are still increasing in 18 states – many of which have seen record or record-high heights. In 17 states, the figures were trending down, and in 13 states, the numbers remained stable.

Of the nearly 20 states where numbers have increased, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Alabama and South Carolina have increased over 50% last week compared to the previous one.

The country’s top expert on infectious diseases, Dr.. Anthony Fauci said that the increase in coronavirus cases in several states is not necessarily a second increase.

“However, once you start seeing increases in hospitalization, this is a sure thing to look out for,” said Friday.

Early hot spot sees significant improvement

Once the epicenter of the epidemic hosted the largest and busiest city nationwide, the state of New York made a big comeback.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Saturday that the number of virus-related deaths has dropped further in New York, as much of the state has progressed towards full reopening. The government reported 32 casualties due to coronavirus, the lowest number since the pandemic hit. And their hospitalization for Covid was 1,734, the lowest since 20 March on Saturday.

New York exits coronavirus lockdown but enters new crisis

“We did it, we tamed the monster, now we’re 180 degrees on the other side,” said Cuomo. Said.

While New York has made much progress, almost half of the country has not. He noted that about 20 states experience fluctuations in coronavirus cases.

“This is a scary time,” Cuomo said. “We thought we were beyond that. The monster is growing its ugly head. Half the states see an increase. New York is the opposite.”

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In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown brought a seven-day pause to progress, reopening in the light of an ascension following loosening of the restrictions. “It’s actually a yellow light across the state,” said Brown.

Some of the increased cases may be the result of further testing. According to data collected by the Covid Monitoring Project, the number of new tests reported daily in the country has tripled since mid-April.

Authorities urged people to follow social removal recommendations and continue wearing masks among the public, among other CDC guidelines.

US Surgeon “We now know that this disease has a highly asymptomatic spread, so we encourage people to wear face coverings,” said Jerome Adams. Said. Detroit TV station WJBK.

Most Americans follow the guidelines

While the outbreak does not show any signs of slowing down, the good news is that most Americans follow guidelines on ways to combat it.

According to a CDC report released Friday, nearly 80% of Americans surveyed nationwide said they were isolated on their own last month.

Confusion prevails as countries relax coronavirus deadlocks and cases increase

Nationwide, 74% of respondents said they always or often wear public face coverings.

In the agency’s weekly report, 84.3% of respondents said their government believed their mitigation strategies were the right balance or not restrictive enough.

“Most adults, state-ordered community mitigation strategies, such as at-home orders and unnecessary business closures, reported that even if they were removed nationwide at the time of the survey, the minority of those adults who did not feel safe, asked for these restrictions to be lifted despite the risks,” he said.

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CNN’s Jason Hanna and Madeline Holcombe contributed to this report.

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