US astronauts landing SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and board the International Space Station

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft approached the space station on Sunday morning at 10:16 am after launching from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center and traveling for 19 hours. After establishing the first contact with the ISS, Crew Dragon took a series of steps to further match the spacecraft with its port and open an airlock seal, before opening the two covers.

On Sunday morning, the spacecraft took a careful approach to the spacecraft, and then made a “soft catch” – that is, Crew Dragon made his first physical contact with the port at the International Space Station. Crew Dragon then made a “hard catch” involving the use of 12 pegs to create an air-locked seal between Behnken and Hurley’s crew cabin and space station entrances, and tied Crew Dragon’s power supply to the ISS.

They left Behnken and Hurley ET, smiling at about 1:15 capsules. They were greeted by NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy and Russian cosmonauts Anatoli Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner in the orbital lab.

NASA Manager Jim Bridenstine called the station from the space agency’s mission control center in Houston, Texas.

“We are proud of our country and everything you do to inspire the world,” said Bridenstine. Said.

When asked about the 19-hour journeys to the space station, Hurley said he could “not be happier” about SpaceX’s performance of Team Dragon.

Astronauts were able to sleep for a few hours, share their meals and use the toilet on board on their journeys. “The dragon was a slick vehicle, and we had good airflow, so we had a perfect and perfect evening,” Hurley said. Said.

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Crew Dragon has a name: Endeavor

Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley toured Crew Dragon spacecraft using built-in cameras as the vehicle advanced towards the International Space Station on Saturday evening.

And they gave the car a name: effort.
Astronauts chose this name for a number of reasons, Hurley said in NASA and SpaceX’s webcast. On the one hand, it honors the years of effort that returned the human spaceflight to the US after the space shuttle retired in 2011. Hurley and Behnken’s long-standing friendship and honors their history with NASA: Both astronauts began their Space shuttle career with missions in the Space Shuttle Endeavor. (The name of this vehicle was an 18th century ship led by British explorer James Cook.effort. “)

Special cargo: A luminous dinosaur

NASA and SpaceX have already announced that there are several special artworks in Crew Dragon with astronauts. But live broadcasters also saw a small, sparkling dinosaur toy with Hurley and Behnken.
Things to know about SpaceX's historical Crew Dragon mission

During the orbit update on Saturday, astronauts shared things about it: both of them have young sons who are big fans of dinosaurs, and astronauts allowed their children to vote on which toys to hide in this mission.

The selection was blue and pink, scaly-nailed Apatosaurus.

What does this milestone mean

Crew Dragon and astronauts have now made two important milestones (launch and deployment) without any major problems. It’s a big win for SpaceX, which has been running for the moment since the company was founded in 2002.

It is also a celebration point for NASA, which was a controversial decision that decided to ask the private sector to design vehicles for transportation to the ISS after the Space Shuttle program retired in 2011. NASA has long been partnered with the private sector, but handed over the design, development and testing of a spacecraft that has never been evaluated by a Human to a commercial company.

After delays, hiccups, and some political barricades, a successful astronaut launch will be a huge win for people hoping to continue using more extensive commercial contracts within the space agency. This includes NASA’s ambitions to put people on the moon in 2024.

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