US and UK announce ending Russian oil imports –

Europe has “solutions to become independent of Russian gas”, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday, adding he wants to “accelerate” them so that they are able to “take the challenge of winter 2022-2023”.

Confirming that gas prices for consumers in France will be “blocked” until the end of 2022, the minister spoke about a range of European solutions to deal with the “gas shock” associated with the Russian conflict during a visit to Normandy. Of. -Ukrainian and its consequences on the economy of the continent.

Freedom is not exactly the same in all European states

Bruno Le Maire, French Economy Minister

2022-2023 Winter Challenge

“Independence is not the same across all European states, France is 20% dependent for Russian gas supplies, the European average is 40%, Germany is 55%, and some states are completely dependent (…), for example Finland, it’s 100% gas that comes from Russia”, recalled the minister who was speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the production site of hydrogen from air liquid.

Among the solutions outlined, Bruno Le Maire estimated that “90% filling and storage is necessary to face the winter of 2022” to “accelerate gas storage this summer”.

“The challenge is not now, the challenge is the winter of 2022-23,” he said.

>> Description of Isabelle Ory at 12:45 pm:

Europe is preparing to do without Russian gas and oil.  Description from Isabel Ory. [RTS]

Europe is preparing to do without Russian gas and oil. Description from Isabel Ory. / 12:45 pm / 2 min. / today 12:45

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