Upstate NY man caught black driver video shouting N-word

A senior New York man marked a black driver to say “black lives matter” and “I hate it!” now in a camera capture attack that is under police investigation.

Jakeila Phillips filmed the passenger in a hatchback trying to get his attention on his way to Utica, closed his window and said, “What did you say?” Asked.

“I said I hated it!” The man who said there was a cook named Barry Wardell shouted back.

“Put me on Facebook. Black life doesn’t matter! N-er! ​​” she shouted as she passed through Genesee Street and leaned out the window.

Trembling in the faceless verbal assault, Phillips asked if there was anything else to say calmly.

“Blacks must be slaves. “Give back my grandfather’s property,” he said to me.

When asked what she did to live, Wardell said, “I cook. I’m a chef. And I hung up on the weekend. “

“But there is no disrespect,” Phillips added strangely as he moved away quickly.

Jakeila Phillips
Jakeila PhillipsFacebook

Besides the difficulty of Wardell putting on social media, Phillips video released Saturday “I have to finally catch one on the camera,” he said, to prove that he was always experiencing “racist / bias encounters.”

Utica City police say on Sunday “He was actively investigating the incident to determine whether any crime was committed”.

Regardless of his guilt, the police were disgusted with the words used and terrified, he said. “It’s one of the most ignorant things that everybody says, and it doesn’t show the citizens here and the city we’re proud of.”

David Wippman, head of Hamilton College, said,vile racist slursThe man approved by the agency was a subcontractor for the university’s food service provider.

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“It doesn’t work here again, and it’s banned from our immediate campus,” Wippman said.

“The behavior shown in the video is an extreme violation of our community standards and will not be tolerated.”

Wardell’s employer Bon Appétit, He told Observer-Dispatch He said that he was released in February because of the coronavirus pandemic and will not come back.

“Bon Appétit has a zero-tolerance policy on racism,” company officials said in a statement. “We condemn these inferior comments.”

Wardell’s Facebook page was deleted shortly after the video became viral.

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