Update on pandemic in the world

New measures, new reports and highlights: An update on the latest developments in the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic:

An Omicron case has been detected in Beijing, officials announced on Saturday in the Chinese capital, where the Winter Olympics are set to open on February 4, as the country battles multiple outbreaks of the highly contagious version of the coronavirus.
The announcement comes after Zhuhai, a coastal city of 2.4 million residents near Macau in the country’s southeast, imposed travel restrictions, after seven cases of contamination were discovered by the Omicron version.
Millions of Chinese people have been ordered to stay home in recent weeks, with dozens of domestic flights canceled and entire factories closed as officials seek to contain the outbreak ahead of the Olympics.
British daily The Mirror, detailing the list of charges against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, held an aperitif during his imprisonment in Downing Street every Friday.
The curator is accused of participating in several festivals during his confinement amid the health crisis. Protests against him are fierce, including among the ranks of the Conservatives.
For the second time in ten days, Novak Djokovic has been returned to administrative custody in Melbourne. The Australian immigration minister revoked his visa a day earlier, arguing that the world number one tennis player not being vaccinated against Covid-19 posed a “public danger”.
“His presence in Australia may encourage anti-vaccination sentiment,” he said.
“The Australian Open is far more important than any player,” replied his rival Rafael Nadal, who does not hide his annoyance two days before the opening of the Australian Open.
“Resistant Djokovic”, “Freedom”, “No to Vaccine”: Opponents of the Health Pass, which would become the Vaccine Pass, were demonstrated in France on Saturday, the same day that several inactions were to take place due to the lack of a vaccine recall. Anti covid.
Hours before these parades, the night deputy adopted a controversial bill converting health passes into vaccination passes at the second reading. Debate in the Senate resumed ahead of the final vote of the National Assembly on Sunday afternoon.
In the absence of an anti-Covid reminder, tens of thousands of health passes were to be disabled on Saturday, a deadline set in November.

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