Update: Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3. has been upgraded to

Nintendo Switch Knows this June 8, 2021 (June 7 depending on your time zone) Its very prudent to switch to a new patch patch for version 12.0.0 Version 12.0.2. As usual during an update “slight”, The changes are small. Nintendo So be informed about this new version which shows that the changes are as follows:

Version 12.0.3 (released June 7, 2021)

Overall console stability improvement for optimum user experience.

It is nevertheless possible and quite conceivable that other innovations will be discovered by players, we just have to wait a few days. It was already like this with the famous “boost mode“Which was not announced, but which is” Well and truly existing. It turns out that the version 12.0.0 Additional information about bluetooth And a new machine, However all this should be taken with a grain of salt.

How to update your Nintendo Switch?

If your console doesn’t offer you direct updates, no worries. The process is very simple: on your home screen Nintendo switchgo to menu Adjustment (Under your list of games, there is a cogwheel symbol) Scroll down the left vertical menu until you see Menu console. click on it, then click Console update. by pressing again update the console, a message will appear warning you that it will have to be restarted, and therefore you should quit the game you are currently playing. Three seconds after the update is complete, your Nintendo switch Restart: You’re done!

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