Upcoming partnership between USAP Esso and AS Monaco Rugby

The USAP Association and AS Monaco Rugby have laid the foundation for a potential future partnership, especially for young people who will not cross the mark of professionalism.

Not married yet. But between Monaco and the USAP Association, it has been a few months since the connection was established. And during meetings, contact very quickly can lead to a flirtationship, one verbalized by convention, a collaboration, an agreement from the next season…” quips USP Association President Axel Barrier. . Wish that is normal”. “A story of men” which will therefore be written with Thomas Rickey and Axel Barrier, the presidents of AS Monaco Rugby and USAP Aso, who a few days earlier laid the foundation for a partnership in the principality. “Last November we got to know each other during the last Challenge Desclause at Monaco Rugby School that we attended. The kids then competed in a top 14 match against La Rochelle, rewinding Axel Barrier. Since then, the exchanges have been regulars. And be creative.
Currently in Federal 3, but well placed to reach the top floor, Monaco looks to gear up a bit more each season. And USAP’s young candidates, not retained by the pros, can find interesting professional and sporting prospects on the Riviera. With a Seven team that will compete in three national stages with top 14 clubs, women and a dynamic rugby school, Leather Oval is making a name for itself at the foot of the rock. As evidence, a complex exclusively dedicated to rugby should come off the field next June between Monaco and La Turbie.
In the wake of Aude (former RCN player aged 12 to 20) and an emergency physician president of Célis Rémy Casblanc (former USAP), he expatriated professionally for ten years on the Cte ​​d’Azur and commercial and events of ASM rugby. Manager. “USAP has a history, an identity. Partnering with this club will be a tremendous added value to us. We can offer outlets to elements that would not get a professional contract. We have employment pools, schools, universities … Monaco is a village that belongs to you. It’s not just glitter,” explains Thomas Rick.

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“Our mission at the USAP Association is three-fold. Developing a sports, school and human project for young people. What to offer players who haven’t reached the final stages? Seeing them leave us is a real heartbreaker for us. Vala, who has coached them for many years. Our priority, of course, is to feed the USAP supporter group. But not everyone in the group of 45 Hopes will make a career. But Monaco can be a Plan B, a Plan C where There is a pool of jobs,” continues Axel Barrier.
and the Chartered Accountant, President since 2020, guarantor of the balance of the budget of 1.5 million euros and 9 employees, to continue … “And why imagine a new economic partnership seduced by our approach on this side of the Mediterranean. Monaco a It’s a blank page. We can bring them our expertise in club structure. It’s important for them to go all the way to Federal 1 to be attractive to our youth. And then the seven component is also a real plus. Three-quarters spec Do it. He could have started a career at the age of 7 that would give him the visibility to hand the team in AS Monaco’s XV. A “win-win”, in short…

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