Up to 13,000 viewers per day in Roland-Garros

Roland-Garros: More than 13,000 spectators authorized at the end of the tournament

Roland-Garros on Wednesday presented his organization and the adaptations made due to health constraints. The Parisian tournament, to be held from May 30 to June 13, will benefit from the audience gauge. By delimiting multiple areas within the Paris Stadium, the Grand Slam will be able to count 5,388 spectators per player from 30 May to 8 June.

Starting June 9, the date of a new phase of decaffeination, this gauge will increase to 13,146 viewers per day. Gates thanked the government authority for raising the ceiling by 65%, announced the French tennis federation’s general manager, लीmile Odessa-Castera, on Wednesday.

In addition, FFT is not exempted from the curfew and therefore no spectators will enter for the night session, which appears for the first year in the French Major.

A health pass with an up-to-date vaccination certificate or negative PCR test will also be required.

Champions League final will be moved to Porto

According to news agencies AP And RTP, UEFA is finalizing the transfer to Porto of the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea in Porto on 29 May (clear on RMC Sport and on RMC Story). It was originally intended to be held in Istanbul, but Turkey is on the Red List of the United Kingdom due to significant cases of coronovirus contamination. English supporters were reportedly not allowed to go there. The discussion of playing the meeting at Wembley was dropped on Monday. According to the AP, UEFA was “unable to secure the quarantine waiver required for media and guests to travel to London”.

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Maracineanu confirms to resume the game on 9 June

Sports Minister Roxana Marcinue confirmed the resumption of indoor and outdoor sports with contact on 9 June.

“It is the practitioners that we think of first and especially for the children to whom we can announce the good news,” he tells in L’Aquire. From May 19, they will be able to resume their sports life. , In association, in school, in leisure centers. They will be authorized to practice as out of touch with respect to protocol. They will also find the possibility to play competitions in their equipment on public roads, competitions possible but limited. There will be 50 participants in the stage from May 19 to June 8. But it will be possible to organize multiple groups, events or events to ensure that the public does not have to cross. Organizers will have to adapt their competition format. For adults , Will return them to indoor sports on June 9, when the same adults will be able to resume a normal sports practice with the competition outside.

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