Unsurpassed shopping: Amazon opens first cash-free supermarket in Europe

The e-commerce giant is celebrating its opening: in London, people can now do their grocery shopping at “Fresh” stores – without queuing at checkout.

Great Britain Leader? E-commerce giant Amazon is now opening the first cashless fresh store in the United Kingdom capital. In supermarkets, people can pay for groceries and other everyday products without a cash register. The concept is based on Amazon Go stores in the United States. The camera and other systems record how many and what articles customers have taken off the shelf and packaged. Payment is automatically made through the app when you leave the store.

Matt birch, Head of Amazon Fresh, told PA agency:

We know that UK customers want the convenience of shopping and are confident that they will be able to go in and out easily with the purchase they need.

As easy as it may seem to shop without a cash register, data protectors see the introduction of such shops in Europe as problematic. Silke Carlo The Big Brother Watch organization commented on opening the store for the BBC:

[It] Provides a dystopian, total-monitoring shopping experience. In-depth tracking of Amazon shoppers will create larger personal data footprints than any other retailer. Customers deserve to know how and by whom these records and analyzes can be used.

Amazon plans to open more cashless fresh stores in the UK. It is still unclear whether Amazon supermarkets will be introduced in other European countries soon.

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