Unst, impossible future British “Cape Canaveral”

In its post-Brexit priorities, the United Kingdom intends to enter the “space race” XXII century by sending satellites into orbit for the first time from our Earth. NS daily Mirror Visited the main planned site in the north of Scotland, from where a rocket is scheduled to take off in 2022. And where everything seems far from ready.

On the tiny Scottish plot of land lost at sea that dreams of becoming the new Cape Canaveral, the smart kids have already found a slogan: “A small step for a man, but a great leap for him l’humacilteThe northernmost inhabited territory of the United Kingdom, the island of Unst, is closer to Norway than Aberdeen, and further north than Moscow. With less than 650 inhabitants, the island has more sheep than residents. One pub, one hotel, one school, three shops, one bus line and no police station or hospital. Nearest station? Bergen, Norway.

With an average temperature of 13 °C, almost constant gusts and days that last no more than five hours in winter, life in Unst is not easy. However, the island could soon become the starting point of the first British space mission launched from its own soil, one of the priorities set by London last March in the wake of Brexit. Edinburgh-based rocket maker Skyrora announced in mid-October that it had signed an agreement to launch satellites from the former local Saxa Voord radar station. It aims to send Skyora’s “XL” rocket – a beautiful baby 23 meters tall and 56 tons – into space by 2022, and 16 launches per year by 2030. [un autre site, dans les Cornouailles, devrait aussi mettre en orbite des satellites, mais via une méthode différente, avec des fusées lancées depuis un avion]. Another important detail: the launching base should allow the creation of 140 jobs on the island.

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So, obviously, in Unst, it is NS Subject of the moment

Killed by radar station shutdown

During its heyday, in 1871, at the height of the Herring’s Golden Age, Unst was home to 2,269 residents. But with the closure of the Royal Air Force’s Early Warning Radar Station in 2005, the future looks bleak. [le radar est de nouveau opérationnel depuis 2019, mais sans personnel sur place]. Hundreds of residents then found themselves jobless and had to leave the island, which severely affected the local economy.

Victoria Moat, she left Devon [sud-ouest de l’Angleterre] Twenty years ago, to settle in Unst. She opened Victoria’s Vintage Tea Rooms, a tea room in Baltasound, the island’s “capital” 2 miles away. [environ 3 km] By Saxa Word. He hopes the space station will boost business, which is desperately needed


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While British newspapers are predominantly conservative, daily Mirror Openly supports Labor and has long stood alone in favor of the adoption of the euro by the United Kingdom. extremely


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