Unsolicited is postponed again

As cinemas begin to reopen in many countries, studios are beginning to refine their release schedules over the next few years. We’ve already seen a raft of new release dates from the major studios over the past few months, and it looks like more changes are coming.

Sony Rejoins the trend, as it is about to push back, later Morbius And Ghost Busters, Another title from its catalog. On Thursday, the studio announced that the live-action film Unsolved With Tom holland Then it was delayed. Fortunately, around this time, there are no major delays for the feature film. The production was scheduled to hit theaters 11 February 2022, But now a week later, the February 18, 2022. This is a short delay that was most likely due to schedule alignment with other pending presentations.

In the past, the biggest delay was related to film. It should be noted that the film had a damned past, as many directors went behind the camera in an attempt to provide something tangible, giving a cursed reputation to the adaptation. At the moment, everything seems to have finally gone ahead as the film is still in post-production. Unsolved Is based on the video game series Sony et naughty dog Same name and Tom holland Will assume the main role of Nathan Drake. Instead of following the history of the games, the film will prequel Nathan Drake We have known for years, that is why a young actor likes Holland Inventor Dear was hired by video game fans to play. With co-star Holland is Mark WahlbergWho will play Victor “Sully” Sullivan. The film also stars Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali and Tati Gabriel. Reuben Fletcher Will be on completion.

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