Unknown with hair and mustache in Googlebox’s Tom Malone Throwback Snap

Gogglebox star Tom Malone shared a photo of what he looked like before he became famous – and he is unknown.

Tom and his wife Julie posted a throwback snap over the weekend on the family-shared Twitter page.

Nowadays Tom is bald, but in the old picture, which was uninterrupted, he spread the whole head of hair and thick mustache.

Meanwhile, looking at Julie, it seems that she is just as old as she is now.

The photo shows the couple lovingly playing each other from the pub together at night.

Gogglebox stars Tom and Julie Malone shared a throwback photo before gaining fame.

Mallons in Googlebox

“I’m back!” They headlined the tweet.

The family’s Twitter followers were stunned and shocked to see how different Tom was.

One tweeted: “What a brilliant picture! I could easily recognize Tom! You haven’t changed Julie.”

Julie has barely changed since the photo

“Tom look at all your hair!” Another post.

The third John said: “Julie you haven’t changed a bit !!! Tom you’re definitely looking better now.”

“Well none of you have changed too much,” the fourth wrote.

“I love the big guy who survives,” another laughed.

Mallons has been in Gogglebox since 2014

Malone joined Googlebox in 2014.

Tom and Julie’s sons Shawn and Tom Jr. appear with them on the show, but their other children, bodybuilder Lee and NHS nurse Vanessa, decide not to participate.

* Googlebox airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on Fridays

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