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Unknown people ransacked a work by street artist Banksy, built on the wall of an Old English prison in Reading, adding the name of his former contestant.

The Independent newspaper reported that British artist Banksy claimed graffiti and depicted fleeing from the infamous Reading Prison.

The barbaric act represents a prisoner escaping using a rope made of a sheet tied together, the last of which is inserted into a typewriter and covered with dense lines of lines.

Criminals covered the typewriter in red paint and tagged it “Team Robo”, recalling the name of a former Bankies contestant.

Rivalry between Banky and King Robo

John Robertson, known as “King Robo”, was a British street artist. King Robo and Banky have repeatedly covered each other’s frescoes with their artifacts. Their rivalry was the subject of a Channel 4 television documentary titled Graffiti Wars in 2011. King Robo died in 2014.

In December 2020, “Girl with Umbrella” and “Gray Ghost”, produced in 2008 by Banke in New Orleans to pay tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, were also partially covered in red. And was tagged with “King Robo”. According to media reports, “and” Team Robo “inscriptions.

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“Escape from jail”

The graffiti “Escape from prison” appeared on a wall of the old prison in Reading on 1 March. On March 4, Banky, the most famous of anonymous urban artists, claimed to be the author of the work by posting a video on Instagram. The artist showed all the stages in the making of this fresco.

For some, the prisoner portrayed by Banksy resembles the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, one of the most famous prisoners of Reading Prison. After spending two years there, from 1895 to 1897, Oscar Wilde published his poem The Ballad of the Reading Prison.

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