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Mr Dhani first met representatives of small parties and parliamentary groups, including former European Commissioner Emma Bonino, who offered his “full support”.

Friday will be devoted to dialogue with major parties, most notably the Democratic Party (PD, center-left) and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia Party (FI, right).

On Saturday morning, he will meet with the largest number of MPs, the 5 Star Movement (M5S, anti-system until he comes to power) and the Mateo Salvini League (far right), along with the leaders of the two parties.

It has already been assured of support for some of the major structures represented in Parliament, but the M5S, which alone has about a third of deputies and senators, is being won by its cause.

Outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, endorsed by the M5S, in which he is very close without a member, was forced to resign last week following the collapse of his alliance due to the return of a key partner, Italia Viva (IV) Had to happen. , The party of former Prime Minister Mateo Renzi.

M5S and its allies of PD failed to form an attempt to form a new government, with President Sergio Mattarella calling for an Arabic rakhi.

“Not a hindrance”

Popular in the polls, Mr. Conte on Thursday promised to be “no hindrance” to Mr. Dhani, to whom he offered “best wishes”. “I have always worked for the good of the country,” he said in a speech, the first since the appointment of Mr. Dhichi, whom he met for a long time on Wednesday.

The work of eminent economists will be difficult: Italy is in the grip of the Kovid-19 epidemic, which has killed nearly 90,000, and the government should present a plan to revive its economy in a recession by the end of April, for which significant financial support Thanks European Union.

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According to the daily La Stampa, Mr. Dhi is facing an “enigma”: PD and Italia Viva are ready to support him, as Forza Italia has elected officials and some supporting forces on the left and center.

But the former Governor of the Bank of Italy also needed the least amount of abstraction, if not the support of the League, whose position, along with the M5S, considered their large numbers to be ‘elected’.

League and M5S

According to the scenarios developed by La Stampa, there will be no government if both the League and M5S oppose it. On the other hand, support of one of the two will be sufficient.

Even if it has lost its radical side since coming to power, the M5S was born as a party against the elite and therefore it is difficult to endorse a personality from a celebrity like Mr. Puli .

Outgoing Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mao, one of the top leaders of the movement, called for the formation of a “political government”, rejecting the idea of ​​an executive made up of technocrats.

Mr. Dhani may therefore choose to give the ministerial berth to M5S and other parties, but it is not certain that this is sufficient to address the deep internal divisions of the movement.

Names are already circulating about prospective portfolio holders of a potential drawn government. The outgoing Economy and Finance Minister, Roberto Gualtieri (PD), may continue in his position to ensure continuity, particularly in the region.

the lion’s share

Italy expects the lion’s share of the European stimulus fund adopted in July to be € 200 billion, but by the end of April Brussels will have to submit a detailed spending plan.

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If Mr. Dhani does not manage to find a parliamentary majority, or if he does not gain the confidence of the parliament after assuming office, preliminary legislative elections may be considered.

President Mattarella, able to hold elections before the legislature’s normal term in 2023, however made it clear on Tuesday that he wanted to avoid an early election amid a health and economic crisis.

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