United Kingdom: What Changes With Brexit

by Francesca Span Fran | @francynefertiti

Midwife Passport Aye entry visa, From pets Roaming: What has really changed with BrexiThe From 1st January of this year, what are the new rules for entering The ukThe Not being a part of the European Union, in fact, traveling to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales is good news to know. Before the epidemic arrived in early 2020, a visit to this destination had already begun to raise suspicion. Now is not the time to leave freely, but when you can do it is always a matter of informing yourself to be ready.

What is Brexit and what does it change for Italians

The term derives from the contraction of the words “British exit” and is associated with the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. It is estimated that 1 October, 2021 The changes will be partial to ensure a smooth transaction. In fact, in these months, European citizens can travel with a valid identity card and a valid passport for migration. It will be necessary to get it later Biometric passport With a residual validity of at least six months and ETAs can be introduced to track arrivals in the country, as already in the United States. Those who decide to undertake a course of study on site will require a “student visa”, while those traveling for work will be required to show a “work visa”.

Different types of informations

If it is true that within the European Union, tariffs are no longer in place Roaming Overseas, things are sure for the UK. Perhaps, however, special rates will be introduced, so as to prevent even higher rates for travelers surfing the Internet. Finally, regarding pets, no significant changes have yet been made. At the moment, the passports of four-legged friends issued before the beginning of this year are easily accepted. However, before leaving it is always better to check on the official pages of the UK government that there is no news.

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