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NS UK Scheme To conquer the tech world? Become a global superpower in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In a paper titled “National AI Strategy“, Published 22 September 2021, The British Government presents a strategy designed to maximize the development and use of AI technologies in all business-oriented application areas. Artificial intelligence to counter rivals such as China and the United States A massive national effort aimed at increasing investment in the sector. Let’s look at the UK’s plan on AI in detail.

UK plans to support AI research

The duration of the plan will be ten years to support research and development of solutions related to artificial intelligence. During this period, activities are planned for long-term investments, support for the transition to AI-based technologies, and national and international promotion of the products and services to be developed.

Among the various measures proposed in the document we find:

  • Definition of an innovation-friendly regulatory framework with clear rules and ethical principles in place;
  • Implementation of a new visa system for country entry capable of attracting talent from other countries;
  • Publication of new training sets to facilitate training of neural network model;
  • Efficiency and simplification of processes for patenting software solutions throughintellectual property office;
  • guaranteeing the availability of computing resources for training artificial intelligence systems, through investments;
  • Creating a hub for standardization in the world of AI.

Ale’UKRI (United Kingdom Research and Innovation) It will play a vital role in realizing the potential expressed by the National Plan. At the moment this body finances sixteen major universities and offers about a thousand PhDs every year, but this is still not enough to counter foreign competition. Asian universities churn out many papers devoted to AI and advanced research that are much more than what English universities are currently capable of giving birth to. The overthrow of such supremacy would be a lengthy process, requiring much more than a generalist and sometimes abstract strategy.

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Piano UK AI

Reactions to the UK AI Plan

There are mixed reactions to this national plan. While there are researchers and companies who find the plan useful in unlocking the UK’s growth potential in the region, other companies and groups of researchers consider measures to facilitate entrepreneurship in the region to be inadequate, if not counter-productive. . AI field and university research.

Fashion and Luxury Retail: New Strategies Thanks to AI and Customer Experience

Another problem to be solved concerns the funds to be devoted to the initiatives mentioned in National AI Strategy. According to the document, around £13.5 billion was invested in the UK between January and June 2021. However, there is no mention of how many and which investments will be devoted to training, research and launching of innovative startups in the future. It is also unclear what funds to attract to cover this massive long-term investment round. The paper places great emphasis on initiatives that will make the UK more attractive to foreign investors. However, the challenge is particularly complex: competition is fierce, with many nations in both Europe and Asia able to provide very lucrative resources and facilities for venture capitalists with high spending potential.

Piano UK AI


While this initiative has both strengths and weaknesses, it is still an important sign to emphasize that institutions should focus on companies involved in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. I write “should” because some countries, including Italy, still have a long way to go in this regard.

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