United Kingdom turns to Saudi Arabia to reduce its dependence on Russia

Boris Johnson made his visit to Saudi Arabia an exercise in real politics. “We are facing a new reality that we have to face with our allies,” the British prime minister tweeted. If he sought to persuade Saudi Arabia to produce more oil from Russia to “reduce itself”, like the United Arab Emirates, he would have secured a billion pounds in a project to convert domestic waste into aviation fuel. took the opportunity to

His visit, criticized in the United Kingdom, was also an opportunity to strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia for nearly a hundred years. “Saudi Arabia is an important partner for the UK in terms of investment, intelligence and culture,” Secretary of State for Sport and Tourism Nigel Huddleston told the parliamentary committee report. by Guardian.

In 2020, the stock of foreign direct investment from Saudi Arabia stood at one billion pounds. These investments especially go to sport: the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has held 80% of Newcastle Club’s shares since last year. While Chelsea have been up for sale since its owner Roman Abramovich was hit by sanctions against Russian oligarchs, the secretary of state’s comments have been interpreted as tacit encouragement for the Saudi company to take over the orphaned club.

In return for these investments, the Arab receives trade and financial services, generators, cars and weapons. According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade, the country is one of the main suppliers to the United States as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The NGO estimates that the actual value of the weapons sold to Saudi Arabia alone is more than £20 billion, the equipment that will be used in the conflict, especially in Yemen.

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