United Kingdom, the world center of crypto and stablecoins?

Bitcoin, Her Majesty’s Agent? , Often, the position of the countries is tight runner About this Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Thus, the British Financial Markets Authority, The FCA is getting too strict on companies dealing with crypto-assets, But today, the services of Her Majesty’s Treasure ,HM Treasury) Claims to make the Isle of Albion a reality nerve center digital assets, stable coins on your mind !

United Kingdom wants a city with crypto sauce

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) could love Go after crypto exchanges like BinanceNot at all hostile to the British Empire Bitcoin And like him, far from it.

It’s April 4th, john glenFinancial Services Secretary Treasury (city ​​minister) held a lot crypto friendly During the Global Summit organized by Association Innovate Finance.

The politician explained that vision The United Kingdom was to be formed in the field of crypto-assets “a hub”in other words a nerve center,

« Watch LIVE as Treasury Economic Secretary, John Glenn, Explains – At the Global Finance Summit [organisé par] Innovate Finance – The steps we are taking to make the UK a global hub for crypto-asset technology. ,

Twitter account @hmtreasury

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Stablecoins Recognized as “Official Payment Method”

This wish was soon confirmed Chancellor of the Exchequer ,Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunkiwho insist on passing on the fact that Great Britain will do everything to attract Innovative companies in this field.

“We are working to make the UK a global hub for cryptocurrency. We want to see the businesses of tomorrow and the jobs they create here in the UK. Today we are looking to bring crypto investment and technology to the UK markets,” John Glenn said. How will you encourage?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer wants to attract crypto businesses to the UK.
Twitter account @RishiSunak

stable coins These British crypto ambitions will have a special place of honor. Actually, with a “reasonable regulation”Stable currencies can be made “A more efficient means of payment”In addition to expanding consumer choice.

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The British government would be like this “Intention to make laws” To bring stablecoins under the regulatory ambit of payments, like any state currency.

While it will be necessary to carefully examine whether these declarations of good intentions translate into factsThe position of the United Kingdom provides a holy opposite With an environment toxic to crypto The European Union, Indeed, after the first assassination attempt failed Against bitcoin and its proof of work, The European Parliament is on its way to pass its second attempt at “Bitcoinside”.by offering to oblige Mark and recognize All transactions to/from Crypto Service Provider (PSAN). and this, from 1 satoshiand including one personal wallet,

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