United Kingdom: Star chef Herbert Berger sued for religious discrimination

In the UK, star chef Herbert Berger has been prosecuted for religious discrimination. He asked an employee to remove the Sikh bracelet.

This Starred Chef Herbert Berger In Holders Hall in London, UK, Used to be Reported for religious discrimination by an employee. All because of a Sikh bracelet.

Originally the chef was sued after telling a staff member take off a traditional sikh bracelet Because of this there was a danger of getting caught in the ladle.

The employee in question, Niranjit Moorah Singh, argued that during his twenty years working in London, no one asked him to remove his prison term, a sign of his commitment to the faith. Singh accuses Berger of calling his Sikh “bracelet” And every time he saw it he was telling her to stop wearing it.

Inholders Hall

Singh then claimed that he had “fear of coming” To ask his boss why he is not allowed to wear it. Somebody compared these alleged incidents to the fact ask a christian to be crucified Or for a Muslim to take off his hijab.

Singh began working for Burgers at Inholders Hall in 2010, as “Sometimes Employee”. Over time he worked his way up to the role of assistant manager with a salary of £30,000 a year. However in September 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, his work came to an end and since then he had to fight against depression.

Now Singh has decided to take the former employer to court. According to recorded tasks At the London Labor Court, that bracelet was given to Mr Singh by his late Malaysian grandfather 35 years ago. Singh argued that since April, every time Herbert saw her wearing the bracelet, he was asking her to take it off. they called him too “bracelet” without ever asking him what it really was.

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The former employee then explained that in 20 years of work no one had asked him to remove his Sikh and Berger made the request, claiming that The bracelet fits into the ladle When he was tossing food in the pan.

While waiting to find out who’s right, Berger, three different restaurants with three Michelin stars, asked in July Dismiss allegations of religious discrimination by Singh. The court agreed, Kewal Singh later said that he was unaware of the hearing.

So the court decided to give the former employee a second chance to discuss her request, this time in December. Berger declined to comment on the matter for the time being.

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