United Kingdom: Queen’s cousin convicted of sexual assault

Simon Bowes-Lyon, 34, Earl of Strathmore and his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, his mother, Elizabeth Bois-Lyon, “Queen Mother”, was sentenced to 10 months in prison from Tuesday 23 February to one in her palace. Used to sexually harass the woman. In Glamis, Scotland a year ago, report Guardian.

The facts came to light during a three-day reception hosted by Simon Bois-Leone. Drunk at about 1:20 pm he wanted to enter a woman’s room. She was so stubborn, the woman finally opened the door for her. He pushed her to bed and sexually assaulted her. “During all this, she made it clear that she wanted you to stop. She repeatedly tells you that she has a boyfriend, repeatedly tells you to leave, and repeatedly you have to get away from her. “Everything you ignored,” Sheriff Alastair Carmichael recalled during the hearing.

to plead guilty

Simon Bowes-Lyons, who pleaded guilty, said in court that he apologized and was embarrassed by his actions. “I didn’t think I’d be able to behave like I did but I had to deal with it and take responsibility. In the past year, it’s about getting and receiving professional help and consenting to be convicted as soon as possible Has been in, ”he said.

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