United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II forced to rest for two weeks

Private exit at age 95. Queen Elizabeth II will have to rest for at least two more weeks, Buckingham Palace announced on Friday evening, adding that the monarch will not make any official visits during this period.

Sovereign, who spent a night in hospital nine days ago, can still continue with “light tasks”, including a videoconference hearing, Buckingham Palace said on Friday evening, with doctors advising him to rest for at least two more weeks.

The Palace said the Queen was “sorry” for attending the commemoration on 13 November, which honors British and Commonwealth soldiers. But she “remains determined” to be present at the event that marks Commemoration Sunday around the memorial in London the following day, the royal statement said.

The Queen was laid to rest on 20 October, a day after a reception at Windsor Castle, where she was seen chatting with her Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates. He spent the next night in the hospital after his first hospitalization since 2013, for “preliminary examinations” of unspecified material.

But the fact that the Palace had waited for The Sun to report to the hospital that night – held for practical reasons according to royal sources – raised questions about the state of his health, as well as criticism. Was. lack of transparency.

Interference by recorded video

The Queen has since officially taken over the “light” functions. Notably, he received two new ambassadors by videoconferencing. His last appearance in the public eye was on Thursday, when he presented the gold medal for poetry to English poet David Constantine at a videoconference hearing. In the 24-second video aired by the Palace, she is seen smiling while discussing with the poet through interposed screens.

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Instead of going to COP26, the Queen, “disappointed not to attend the reception”, would speak to delegates by recorded video message, Buckingham underlined. It is his son Charles, the heir to the crown, who will deliver the COP26 inaugural address. The 72-year-old prince, who was less loved by the British, has already represented her abroad as she was no longer there. The Queen will also be able to rely on her grandson, Prince William, who is third in the line of succession and much more popular than her father.

When asked this week, monarchy expert Penny Junor said it was a “turning point”. “She is acting at the pace of someone 20 years younger, and I think the public needs to adjust their expectations and recognize that she is 95 years old,” she said, predicting a more rare personal appearance. Happened. from the queen.

For nearly 70 years, the Queen, who is due to celebrate her platinum jubilee next year, has been showing great form in public recently. After his traditional summer vacation in Balmoral, Scotland, he attended official events almost daily, resuming his pre-pandemic rhythm: 295 events in 2019. Prime minister.

Elizabeth II was recently seen walking with a cane for the first time since 2004. According to The Sun, the emperor has also stopped walking his dogs in recent times.

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