United Kingdom: Protesters target opposition leader

IBritish opposition leader Keir Starmer was verbally attacked by protesters on Monday, sparking outrage from politicians who linked the incident to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attack on him in parliament. On Twitter, the head of the Conservative government described the incident as “absolutely shameful”. “All forms of harassment against our elected representatives are absolutely unacceptable,” he said. Several videos on social media show a very vocal crowd surrounding the leader of the Labor Party. We hear that Keir Starmer is being called a “traitor” who is being accused of “protecting a pedophile” before he is ostracized in a police car.

Embraced in the scandal of parties held in Downing Street in defiance of restrictions against Covid-19, Boris Johnson accused Keir Strammer in parliament of “taking his time chasing journalists” and not prosecuting pedophile Jimmy in parliament a week ago. Seville when he was the head of the British Prosecution.

two people arrested

The attack, widely spread in conspiratorial circles, earned Boris Johnson widespread criticism and the resignation of an influential adviser. Labor MP David Lamy, who accompanied Keir Starmer, tweeted: “No wonder the scheming thugs repeat the troubling @Keir_Starmer and me slander we heard from @BorisJohnson last week.” “Threats, harassment and lies have no place in our democracy. And they will not stop me from doing my job,” he said.

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Conservative MP Julian Smith called the incident “horrific” and called on Boris Johnson to withdraw his remarks. Meanwhile, London Police said that shortly after 5.10 pm, “a man was surrounded by a group of protesters” near the Scotland Yard compound and pulled into a police car. A man and a woman were arrested after a traffic cone was thrown at a police officer, police said. In one video, we hear a man questioning Keir Starmer about the Magna Carta, which is regularly invoked by “sovereign citizens”, a movement that believes this text of 1215 gives them some of the existing laws. allows you to be free.

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