United Kingdom, Post-Brexit Residence Permitted: Tens of Italians Missing

The deadline is ending and thousands of Italians are missing. As of 30 June, European citizens living in Great Britain must obtain the right of residence to remain in the country after Brexit.

Nearly 5 million applications were accepted

The registration system was a success: 4.98 million requests were accepted out of 5.33 requests received, according to the latest Home Office data, updated by 15 April. Of the successful applications, 53% of applicants obtained “settled status”, which is the right to permanent residency that allows them to live, study or work in the United Kingdom. 44% have attained “pre-settled status”, which grants the right of temporary residence for those who have lived in Great Britain for less than 5 years.

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Many Italians but few thousands are missing

Among European citizens, Italians have come forward: more than 472 thousand have obtained residence permits, a number more than just Poles and Romanian. The good news is that 98% of our compatriots are registered in Great Britain. The bad news is that some thousands are still missing and they now have a few weeks to comply. For this reason, the Committees of Italy’s Consulate General in London and the Committee of Italians Abroad have raised alarm today by launching an information and mobilization campaign for more than 65 citizens.

Leftist Pietro Mole President of London and Marco Villani from Consul General in London

“Hunt” for the departed

In fact, according to the Home Office, only 2% of those applying are in this age group, so there are about 111 thousand people. Not a small number to think that many eligible individuals have not applied. The reasons may be different: lack of information, misconceptions that you are already in order (probably because you are married to a British citizen), unfamiliar with the Internet. In fact, the application for settlement scheme should be made online and it is simple if you have a biometric passport and a smartphone.

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Elderly category at risk

The situation was aggravated by the epidemic, as centers were established in various municipalities to help people without internet access. The risk is that in late June, at the end of the last day of applying, tens of thousands of elders found themselves in an irregular position in the eyes of the British government, even though they had been here for a long time. This is the case of many Italians who immigrated to the United Kingdom decades ago, who in the past received “indefinite leave to live”, a certificate of residency was then a guarantee but one who posts Brexit as valid Is not. Objectives of right to live.

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