United Kingdom – Partygate: an adviser to Boris Johnson resigns

On Thursday, 16 June, the adviser to the British prime minister, responsible for ethics and compliance with the ministerial code, resigned, according to Boris Johnson. The latter called “sorry” to have received this letter of resignation, citing his “surprise” in a letter addressed to Christopher Geidt.

“impossible and disgusting situation”

in his letter, Christopher Guidto writes that he thought he could ‘continue his work after the scandal’party gate‘, Parties during imprisonment in Downing Street, fined for Prime Minister, Finally, the consultant boris johnson decided to leave after a new request that puts her in a “impossible situation”.

“I am directed to give an opinion on the intention of the Government to consider measures that risk willful and willful breach of the Ministerial Code”, he portrays as 20 minutes in comments broadcast by the French media. ,This request has put me in an impossible and disgusting position.”keep on going Christopher Guidto Without giving more details.

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to leave another

now former advisor of Prime Minister The British, responsible for compliance with the Code of Ethics and Ministerial, affirmed the view that boris johnson “may intentionally violate your code in any way” Is “an insult”, Prime Ministerfor his part, replied by assuring that he “Take his advice before taking any decision”.

Christopher Guidto The second ministerial adviser to resign on ethics is Alex Allen, left in 2020. He did not support the denial of boris johnson To accept his findings with regard to the allegations of harassment against the Minister of the Interior, Preeti Patel,

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