United Kingdom: one in six adults directly affected by food shortage

According to CRISIS – the National Bureau of Statistics, 9 million Britons do not have access to basic food items due to a lack of supplies from supermarkets. The situation caused by the pandemic, combined with Brexit.

In the past two weeks, nearly 9 million people in the UK have been hit by the crisis. Thus, according to a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) Guardian, One in six adults was unable to purchase a food item deemed essential due to a lack of choice on the shelves during the period from September 22 to October 3.

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Brexit: Goodbye United Kingdom

fuel crisis for 15 days

By extension, 23% of those interviewed by the ONS said they did not receive other non-food items, but as required, reports the newspaper. Overall, 61% of consumers told ONS that they noticed differences in supermarket shelves, seeing fewer varieties on the shelves, or experiencing stock shortages. And 15% of them could not put gasoline in their vehicle during this period, again a symptom of the ongoing crisis that is taking hold in the country.

Indeed, there are many food shortages in the United Kingdom due to an apparent shortage of truck drivers, but also a lack of fuel. If this situation is not unique to the United Kingdom, as the pandemic has disrupted supply chains everywhere, it has been exacerbated by Brexit in the country, which complicates the entry of European workers. Indeed, workers of foreign nationalities, and drivers in particular, have largely left the country during the successive waves of the pandemic and have not been able to return easily following the new rules as a result of Brexit. According to estimates, there is currently a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers in the country for supply chains to function normally.

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To alleviate this labor shortage – which also affects other professions such as butchering – and to encourage drivers to return to work in the United Kingdom, the government has taken a number of aid measures. And especially the extraordinary grant of more than 10,000 temporary visas. But since then, only 27 applications have been filed for a work permit for a gasoline carrier. To counteract the panic in dry gas stations and society as a whole, the government deployed the army with its drivers, but this was not enough to stop the problem.

According to estimates from petrol retailers, on Thursday 7 October, two weeks after the start of the crisis in the region, 12% of stations in London and the south-east were still without gasoline and 17% had only one fuel to choose from. was the category. Association (PRA).

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