United Kingdom nationalizes faltering energy company financial

Rising energy prices have caused major problems in the UK energy sector. Many small energy suppliers lured customers with low rates and lost a lot of money on fixed contracts as the energy they had to buy became more expensive. In addition, energy ceilings apply in the United Kingdom, meaning companies are currently losing money even on convertible contracts.

special administrator

The government wants the judge to quickly appoint a special administrator for the bulb. As a result, the Company’s customers may remain normal for some time and the Treasury will pay the additional costs. Experts expect these costs to be collected from the energy sector in the long term. And they’ll probably pass it on to British families.

Bulb energy problems have forced more than two million British households to switch energy suppliers. They were transferred by the regulator to other companies, as has happened several times in the Netherlands recently. The nationalization of the bulb comes after big British energy companies indicated they could not take on more customers without getting themselves into trouble.

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