United Kingdom, Meghan Accused of Bullying: Duchess’s Response

In the UK, allegations of bullying by Meghan Markle are sprouting. It didn’t take long for the Duke of Sussex to react directly to the US.

Duchess Meghan with Prince Harry (via Getty Image)

There are heavy allegations from The uk towards Meghan Markle, Sussex of sperm. In fact, he is accused of threatening Prince Harry’s wife, as reported by the Times. In the British newspaper, the day after the interview Oprah Winfrey, There are reports that the Duchess of Sussex “Tear workers“. But Meghan’s response was not too late, calling the news the latest press attack.

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Facts reported by timesHowever, before Prince Harry’s concert was still in British territory, Megxit. Even more Wire One of the staff came directly from two employees with an indiscretion, reported the news Royal family. Furthermore, the accusations do not end, with staff members claiming: “It seemed more than bullying Emotional cruelty and manipulation“.

Meghan’s response to the United Kingdom comes from the spokesperson: “The Duchess is saddened by this latest attack”

United Kingdom Meghan
Meghan and Prince Harry (Getty Images) spokesperson’s words

However, the answer did not come directly. Meghan Markle, But by his spokesman. In fact, according to the representative’s words, the Duchess is Saddened by the latest media attack. In particular, Meghan does not understand how anyone can accuse someone Victim of bullying in return And is deeply committed to Support people who have suffered trauma. Additionally, the Duchess is committed to continuing her work by cultivating compassion around the world.

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but I Sussex They didn’t stop at one Legal battleIn fact they decided to open one Legal battle With the newspaper. Markle’s lawyers decided to send a letter accusing him of being used by the newspaper Buckingham Palace Duchess spokesman condemned it for spreading false news Health test drive Which has long been calculated and based on misleading and harmful disinfection. Also, at this time The Buckingham Palace Still to come No answer Official.

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