United Kingdom: Many foreign students were forced to ask for free food.

Universities were encouraged foreign student To come in and study Uk, Promises to give them concessions, private teachers and other guarantees: now they are forced to ask Free lunch To support communities.

They are without money, hungry and punished by some laws “Ethnic“: These are international students who are now in Britain, despite the epidemic, universities are encouraged to go to Great Britain. But apparently universities were only interested in drawing Advantage As for their money, they left the students struggling to survive.

The epidemic only led to interruptions, job cuts and lack of support, with no hope, while universities and the British government promoted the crisis situation as an “opportunity” to students. But when international students were welcomed, they found the hostile racist atmosphere of the hostess waiting for them: international students, with few exceptions, are completely deprived of any benefits under the rule. No support for public funds (NRPF).

The NRPF has left millions of migrants who do not have the necessary funds to survive. He interrupted school meals Overseas children driving international university students for free and starvation.

Formerly it is easy to find a long line of students every three to four days London, Joe gathers in front of the food counter to ask for free food.

This food bank was set up specifically for foreign students: as Anamarveen, a student at the University of East London, who arrived in Britain from India in October 2018, for example, “Won’t be able to eat“Without a food bank.

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I wanted to take this food and give it to someone who needed it“He Said. “But I can’t buy anything. We have become needy. I cry all the time. But it is difficult to tell my family what is happening. I told my sister and she also started crying.

The students are angry that universities have failed to take care of their well being. Several students queued at Newham were received Scholarship Which covers their tuition, but not too much.

Fees in public universities are still limited £ 9.250. However, there are no rules on how much students from outside the European Union can be charged. And meanwhile students don’t have Money to buy food, universities continue to send e-mails, asking them to pay their university fees.

[ Fonte: ANSA, Socialistworker ]

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