United Kingdom, Kovid transition out of control: a new lockdown is ready

In The uk The current state of the coronovirus emergency is defined as “A catastrophe“Andrew Hayward, a respected professor at University College London and a scientific advisor to the government since the epidemic began.

The latest numbers coming from abroad are very difficult: December 29 was the peak of misery 53,135 new cases of Kovid., With the dead 458.

To understand the criticality of the moment, the situation in Italy is indicative Hospital British: Last spring at the height of the first wave in Britain there were 18,000 impatters, while we are now at 20,000.

Even if they start vaccinating for weeks on the island, the English version will cause infection so much that in the next few hours Boris Johnson It may be forced to launch New restrictive measures, With loud voices that speak of a potential new National lockout.

Currently have one in the uk Division into three risk zones Similar to the one adopted in Italy, but for many scientists this strategy will no longer be applicable given the severity of the situation.

The schools So they are not expected to reopen on January 4, after which stores are expected to close nationwide. London And other areas with more transitions are practically in lockdown before the holidays.

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