United Kingdom: Keir Starmer finally deploys Labor on Brexit question

Make Brexit work. After months of restlessness over the issue, Labor has finally found a way to tackle the issue of Britain’s exit from the European Union. In a speech at the Center for European Reform, Britain’s opposition leader Keir Starmer announced a five-point plan to make the most of the country’s “independence”. Knowing that going back was not possible, he chose to press where Brexit hurt the most: the economic ramifications for the United Kingdom.

“According to an Ipsos study, 45% of Britons found Brexit made their lives more difficult than 35% a year ago, underlined Joel Ryland, a UK researcher at the Institute for a Changing Europe There is also considerable evidence that Brexit has increased the cost of living by 6%, which people can directly feel. This is certainly what prompted Labor to take a courageous position on the issue Inspired. They could not say anything on this subject till the next election. »

As such, Labor is killing two birds with one stone: finding its own discourse on Brexit and solving the daily problem of rising prices for the British. According to Joel Ryland, the speech of the Leader of the Opposition is smarter because it is aimed specifically at the business community. “Entrepreneurs are still very concerned about Brexit and all the details mentioned by Starmer in his text: mobility measures, health standards, mutual recognition of products… The British do not care about these details but not the business community. So Labor seizes the opportunity to demonstrate prowess, seriousness, and make a difference with Boris Johnson, who mocks entrepreneurs. »

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Lack of vision If Labor’s position is now clear, the details of its proposals lack substance. The leader of Labor has announced that he intends to achieve an agreement on the Northern Irish Protocol as a priority, without specifying any clear measures to unblock the situation.

It also indicates that it wants to achieve mutual recognition of professional qualifications or strengthen cooperation with the Union in terms of security, but without the assurance of obtaining an agreement from the EU. Keir Starmer proposes, for example, for commercial reasons or to facilitate shorter migration for musicians, but nothing indicates that Europeans agree on this principle, the researcher continues. Labor is primarily a national audience. and aims to win future elections. »

On the other hand, the speech underscores a trend still existing within Labor: the fact of issuing resolutions cast in the hollow on the failures of conservatives. “This posture works to a certain extent for an opposition party, but Labor still lacks vision of what they want to do radically different to take the reins of the country.”

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