United Kingdom, Johnson criticized for renovation of Downing Street by his girlfriend Carrie Symonds

London – Magazine Tutler She is said to be the most powerful woman in the UK. Hence Carrie SymondsBritish Prime Minister’s Young Partner Boris johnsonAfter his recent “political coup” in Downing Street, which seems to have once again been called the 32-year-old’s “first girlfriend”, it seems to have increased his influence in the government. Daily mailWith a revelation that is causing discussion for England: Symonds may have asked the Prime Minister to renovate and modernize the apartments belonging to him, with the official “No. 10” and “No. 11” on Downing Street even more spacious.

The problem is that these are very expensive jobs: According to the newspaper, Johnson may have told his staff that the bill would exceed 100,000 pounds, or about 120,000 euros, as Carrie instead called for an “eco-chick” stylistic revolution. Must be thinking Do they define a “John Lewis” environment in Downing Street, that is, the department store, abandoned by its predecessor In theresa. In any case, a very large figure, “beyond all control” would be Johnson’s own words, and in any case would be well beyond the fund which has been given by British taxpayers of around 35 thousand euros. And so British leaders are thinking of a solution: a foundation for creating “charity”, specifically for the purpose of preserving historic sites or cultural interest in Downing Street. And raised the money in such a way that new apartments are needed which his fiance Symonds would like. An alternative that, however, already drives criticism, controversy and hilarity online.

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In reality, it would be the same for the White House, which is financed in this way, through private donors, to renew certain environments. Again according to Daily mailThe plan would be to include the conservative Lord Brownlow, who would have already applied to the donation register and would thus welcome donor money. One mechanism, however, is that it is at high risk of a conflict of interest, noting that the funds will be used for the renovation of the apartment of the Prime Minister and his girlfriend. But Johnson has no choice but to cut his expenses. However, it is unlikely that this will happen, because, according to the British newspaper, Symonds may have sought the expensive advice of the famous interior designer Lulu Lytle, who usually charges 100 pounds per meter of fabric or wallpaper, according to rumors Should be in accordance. “Gilded” in Carrie’s dreams.

The other problem is that 56-year-old Johnson is much less wealthy than you think. Yes, as Prime Minister, he earns around 1,000,000 Euros a year, but it is still a cry of more than 500,000 Euros which he wrote in his article in a week daily Telegraph, Books and other initiatives and partnerships. In addition, Johnson has already gone through two costly divorces and has at least six children, the last of whom Wilfred spent with Carrie last year – all substantial, which still affects her family budget. So, if Cameron paid a similar amount (£ 100,000) years ago to get the Downing Street apartment out of his pocket, Johnson is resorting to the Foundation’s tools. An idea, which is already attracting criticism and controversy.

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