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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has signed a formal partnership agreement with a new initiative that aims to build institutional linkages between the UK and Israel and the recently launched Leeds-Israel Innovation HealthTech Gateway is the first project of its kind in the UK Is. It aims to foster cooperation and help grow high-growth Israeli businesses in the UK.

The initiative will also join the UK-Israel Tech Gateway program and build on the foundation of the relationship between the two countries based on technology and innovation.

Dame Linda Pollard, President of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, said: “The Trust is delighted to be part of the Leeds-Israel Innovation HealthTech Gateway. This is a great initiative that will allow us to strengthen our relationships with Israel and healthcare companies that specialize in healthcare technology. At the forefront of innovation. »

The initiative has the potential to spur innovation in health technologies along with adding value and supporting employment for both economies.

Dr Ai Lin Tan, Director of Research and Innovation at University Hospitals Leeds, said: “We are delighted to be a signatory to the Leeds-Israel Innovation HealthTech Gateway. It is developed in Leeds to transform healthcare and social services and accelerate economic growth. A perfect example of the partnerships being made. »

One of the leading companies involved in the development of the Innovation Gateway is the Israeli company IMedis. This health technology company is currently working with University Hospitals Leeds to help scale up an AI-powered quality assurance system for X-ray scans.

The system aims to improve radiological performance, reduce legal risks for providers, and ultimately provide better patient outcomes. It works by automatically analyzing each image and accompanying report to uncover potential points of failure.

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Aviel Blumenfeld, managing director and co-founder of iMedices, said: “We have joined the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to help bring iMedicis to the UK as it is a good platform for the growth, adoption and dissemination of innovation within the NHS. Provides well established framework. »

He added, “The health care environment at Le04eds is very helpful in saving lives, helping staff and driving practical innovation to improve patient care. We are delighted to be working with this futuristic hospital trust. »

Sources: DigitalHealth and Israel Valley

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