United Kingdom: Islet for sale where Magna Carta was signed by Giovanni Senza Terra in 1215

(PRIMAPRESS) – United Kingdom – What happens to those ancient English traditions in which ceremonies, customs, and rituals span centuries without losing any of their stories and legends? In this impenetrable passage of time, however, a leak has opened up as an important piece of the state’s history is likely to go on sale. It is a small island not far from Windsor Castle, where King John of England (known as the “landless”) signed the Magna Carta in 1215. Now the islet is on sale for just under six million dollars. A land of ancient charm, the place where the British sovereign and twenty-five rebellious barons, who had gathered in protest at Runnemede, protected by a belt of chestnut trees, met and signed one of the most important documents for the progress of history . To keep enemies away. Those documents are kept in the charter room, one of the rooms of the Victorian mansion, which was later built on the island by George Simon Harcourt, Esq. Lord of the Manor and County Sheriff in 1834. Among the names represented is the name of Richard Montficket. The then owner of the island that was once part of the Ressbury Manor along with the nearby Anchwerke, the site of the famous 2,000-year-old Henry VIII, where Henry VIII met Anna Boulaina before marrying him.
The property is for sale and has been handed over to Sotheby’s International, but it would be a shame to see it turn into something that would erase an important piece of Old England history. – (PRIMAPRESS)

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