United Kingdom is facing outbreak of Kovid-19 epidemic

The United Kingdom is experiencing a rebound in the Kovid-19 pandemic, particularly due to a new version of the virus that is much more contagious. Hospitals are saturated and caregivers are overwhelmed. The county of Essex, the most affected area in England, on Wednesday declared a “major incident” in the face of an explosion of cases.

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The epidemic situation is worsening throughout the channel. A record in the United Kingdom revealed more than 53,000 new Kovid-19 contamination in 24 hours. The number of patients is also at its highest: 21,787 patients with new coronovirus are hospitalized in England, around 19,000 during the peak of the first wave, last April. Hospitals have never been so busy. In London and the South East, intensive care occupancy rates have reached 113%.

The county of Essex, the most affected area in England, on Wednesday declared a “major incident” in the explosion of cases and called on the government for help. Three county hospitals are so overwhelmed that sick people are being treated directly in an ambulance.

The government is expected to take an “urgent action”

The majority of these contamination is linked to the new version of Kovid which is raging in the United Kingdom, one of the most bereaved countries in Europe with 71,500 deaths. According to one study it is up to 74% more contagious. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the risk is “high” that this type, identified in France, South Korea or the United States, causes more deaths due to being more contagious, even ” If there is no information about more serious infections ”.

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The scientific committee advising the government is calling for immediate action. “The existence of our health system is at stake,” one of its members said. The Minister of Health is due to announce new measures, as 40% of the English population, all from mainland Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, have been asked to stay home. According to the press, two-thirds of England’s people could find themselves limited. A decision is also expected on the reopening of schools in January. The doctors ask that they remain closed for another month.

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