United Kingdom in lack of trap

Report –Lack of fuel, fresh produce, labor… Boris Johnson blames Covid, while some Brexiters condemn the state’s lack of preparedness.

From our correspondent in London

As if suddenly Brexit had taken shape and hit the streets. Millions of stunned British motorists are learning that in 2021, in a state of calm and without a brutal strike, almost all petrol pumps in the state could run dry.

At a large gas station in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, all the pumps display a small sign “Bad”. The tanks are empty. Diesel or petrol, nothing is left. “It started on Friday, but Saturday was horrific, a real rush”Prabin, the manager of this BP station, explains. They are expected to refuel on Wednesday. Or Thursday, or later, really no one knows.

Motorists come to the closed station to poke their car’s nose, another, like the ten others they’ve tried since morning. “I voted for Brexit and I will vote for Brexit again, but not for Boris Johnson and his gang

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