United Kingdom – Football changes rules on accidental hand contact

Accidental contact of the ball with a hand during the development of a game, which culminates in a teammate’s score, will no longer cause the goal to be canceled, football lawmakers decided on Friday.

The measure was taken by the Board of the International Football Association, a body made up of FIFA and four unions that set the rules of football, following the burning of the game on how goals are incorrectly canceled.

“The casual hand that leads to a goal scored by a teammate or does not have the opportunity to score a goal will no longer be considered dishonest,” the IFAB said in a statement after holding a virtual meeting.

The umpires were encouraged to “use their discretion” when they analyze the position of the arm and arms as the ball has these ends.

The IFAB has been detailed, stating “Since the interpretation of incidents involving hand contact has not always been consistent due to improper application of the rules, the members confirmed that the ball did not have any hand / hand contact”.

This change in the rules of the game will come into effect on 1 July, although IFAB has stated that the unions will have the opportunity to apply to them before that date.

The IFAB has also allowed a five-player change rule for a team’s share in a match until the 2022 World Cup. The clubs have been given two clubs as a result of the tight schedules later matches due to the Coronavirus epidemic of the year. Additional player changes. Per game. The rule is currently in effect for national teams until July 2022, but IFAB has indicated that it will “remain under review”.

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