United Kingdom: Farewell to William Shakespeare, first person to receive Kovid’s vaccine

London – William Shakespeare died. Not the author of Hamlet, who has already rested for centuries, but the first Englishman and first person in the world received a vaccine for Kovid: he died in hospital at the age of 81 after a long illness, so Coronavirus No .

Bill, as he was nicknamed, made headlines last December 8 when he received a dose of Pfizer at Coventry University Hospital. For reasons of age, he was included in the Registry category, the first to have the right to be vaccinated against epidemics in Great Britain, but was never known that he had been preceded by pure coincidence or by the same name Was chosen or not. The Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, clearly intends to attract media attention and consequently to get more people vaccinated.

Kovid Vaccine, UK Starts Administration: 90-Year-old Margaret Is First Patient

By our correspondent Antello Guerrera

His family members announced today that he died last Thursday after being hospitalized at the same hospital after suffering a stroke where he had received the vaccine for other disorders. He is survived by his wife, two children and several grandchildren. One of them, Emily Shakespeare, who is pursuing a doctorate in technology in Ireland, says she is “86 percent sure” that her grandfather was a descendant of Shakespeare, the author of comedies and sonnets who wrote world literature. Entered into the doctrine.

The UK’s secret: so there have been zero deaths from Kovid.

By our correspondent Antello Guerrera

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A former Rolls-Royce activist and a proven labor confidant, William Shakespeare was the first in Britain to offer a hand for over 60 million doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Modern: about 39 million have received the first, 22 million already both. A campaign so huge that it has allowed this country to reopen pubs, restaurants and shops, ending most restrictions in the wake of plans to return to full normalcy next June 21.

Ninety Million Pints ​​a Day: This is how the UK celebrates the reopening of pubs

By Enrico Franceschini

But after the government has given conflicting signals to the population about its intentions in recent times, the outbreak of the more aggressive Indian version of Kovid in eight provincial locations raises alarm with the possibility of local lockout. One of these, Bolton’s hospital, recorded a huge influx of patients infected with the virus yesterday.

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