United Kingdom, English hotel with the best gardens

Britain is one of the best gardens in the world, many of which have hotels.

SHotels with the best gardens offered by Hotel Condé Nast Johansen of the United Kingdom are ideal for those who want a special holiday with a view. Elegant hotels that are overlooked Narrative scene and romantic scene, Perfect for Rilassante Brake Away from chaos and routine. Large geometric terraces, tropical greenhouses, verdant gardens and enchanting forests are: Best british garden destination.

1. Clevenden House, Berkshire

Vast land of Boarded up Contains formal gardens and acres of woodland. Do not miss Japanese Water Garden, Ancient gardens of rose gardens and yews offering views of the river. Garden enthusiasts will appreciate the different styles influenced by the designers Sir Geoffrey Jellico I Nora Lindsey And by the botanist Graham Stuart Thomas. Swimming pool is also very interested PerfumeLast remaining outdoor swimming pool in England.

2. Gravet Manor, West Sussex

Hotel, designed by the author William robinson, Also known as the father of English wild gardening, understands 35 acres. Unlike standard geometric gardening, Robinson personally ensured that gardens grow naturally, Without a strict provision. This principle is also clearly evident.vegetable garden, Surrounded by an elliptical sandstone wall, from where you can admire 1.5 acres of flowers, fruits and vegetables, from where Michelin starred restaurant in hotel Draws on products.

3. Lakanam Park Hotel & Spa, Wiltshire

Located on hundreds of private green acres, Lakman Park It can be reached after walking with a mile long revenue surrounded by nature. The hotel offers several routes to the center Typical english garden, With some hedges in the shape of its floral flowers, and rose Garden, Where you come across a French-inspired courtyard. It is also very well looked after Serra, With over 30 varieties of all products on the menu Michelin starred in the restaurant in Luxembourg.

4. Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa, Bedfordshire

5 acres of garden Luton Hoo Hotel It has a long tradition. walled gardenIn particular, it offers a glimpse of the historic gardens of the great English stately houses. It was founded in 1760 John stuart, The third Earl of Bute, who served as Prime Minister under King George III. Being an enthusiast of botany, he took care of the transformation of the gardens, which are still the most beautiful in England, after England Royal Botanic Gardens Of Kev.

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5. Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club, East Sussex

Immersed in an infinite vegetation,Ashdown Park Hotel Was an inspiration for Aamilne Per Hundred acres of woodDream land on which to live Winnie the Pooh And his friends actually, inside the forest you can meet many animals, such as deer, rabbits, lamas and alpacas. A is also Bridge of desires this is a Golf Course The 18-hole course, which offers scenic changes of scenery as it makes its way through the forest.

6. Grove, Hertfordshire

300 acres of countryside submergedHertfordshire, L’hôte Bower It is a perfect escape for those who do not want to get away from nature London. Are available Walking routes map To explore the property, more like a prairie than a garden, and the surrounding forest. Too dogs In fact, the hotel offers special packages for four-legged friends.

7. Deer Park Country House, Devon

80 acres nearby Deer Park Country House Devons in Britain are the most beautiful in the countryside. Three miles of river for fishing, a Victorian and an Italian garden, a walk in the many woods and even a tall tree house amidst the centuries-old oak remains: this is the scenery of the park, for relaxing. Is ideal. Property also produces its own variety. Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Which can be found on the restaurant menu.

8. Grantlev Hall, North Yorkshire

With over 300 years of history, the gardens Library hall He has been visited from time to time by prominent people ranging from prominent politicians in the family of British politicians. It has a strong point Japanese Garden, Built around 1910 Lord e lady furnace. Looking at authentic Japanese designs, with high quality rock features, bamboo and a wide variety of trees, the garden is on the English Heritage Beauties Register.

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