United Kingdom discarded masks and health passes

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Wearing masks, telecommuting in public places, visiting retirement homes… England on Thursday lifted most of its restrictions. The RFI went to the city’s business district, where Londoners haven’t found life before.

With our correspondent in London, emline wine

Like many workers in the city, Mo was able to quit working from home this week. The young man is surprised by the few people on the streets. , I hoped there would be more people outside, He comments. Wednesday night was completely deserted. Maybe it’s cold, I don’t know. ,

However, at Urban Barista, all tables are occupied. But Andy hopes the City, the financial and luxury shopping district, won’t be as buzzing as ever. , Today is our best day since opening in December, He explains. But people I talk to tell me that, even if they come back to the office, their boss lets them work in a hybrid way: three days at home, two here, for example. ,

Wearing of mask is mandatory in transport

England is now easing other restrictions introduced in December, after the recommendation to work from home for those who can ended a week ago. Omron Case Surge : Compulsion to wear masks indoors in public places and vaccination passports for large audience events. The government further announced on Thursday that nursing home residents would be able to receive an unlimited number of visitors from Monday. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, however, has announced that he will uphold the obligation to wear a mask on public transport in the capital. Some supermarket chains such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Morrisons also ask their customers to do the same.

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For Craig, a security guard at a bank, the restrictions had to be lifted; He was no longer respected. , People paid less attention during the pandemic, He says. Of course, there are more people in the transport this morning. And masks are mandatory with us. ,

Restaurants and stores can continue to ask customers to remain masked. The government appeals to common sense.

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