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Saturday night was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (ESC), which was won by the Italian group Menskin. In addition to his victory, the dismal result of the United Kingdom attracted a lot of attention, a country that has a great and illustrious tradition in pop music, but which earned zero points in this edition of ESC. The UK was represented by James Newman, who sang Spark. When it was announced that Newman had scored zero points from the crowd in the latest televoting session, Newman first shook his head in frustration, then raised his arms and most of the arena encouraged and encouraged him. This is the fifth time in the history of ESC that the UK has finished last, and the second time it takes zero points.

The ESC voting system is quite complex, and zero digits (Zero digit Hey Zero digit, As the Anglo-Saxon media says) is rare but not impossible. The final score depends on the vote of the public of each participating country, which goes live via text message or official app, and on the vote of the national jury, for each country who votes before the event. Audiences and different juries from each country each make a ranking of the 10 most popular songs: so is the ranking of the 10 most popular songs by the French public and the most popular by the French jury, and so on (no vote for your country’s opponent can).

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Attendance and position in various rankings allow points to be accounted for: 12 points ranked first, 10 ranked second and so on. If a song does not get any points, it means that it has. Has not entered rating No one Countries, neither among the people of different countries nor in national juries.

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