United Kingdom | Confusion about directions for foreign travel

(London) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to defend epidemic restrictions on his government’s international visit on Wednesday after being accused of causing confusion.

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Leader of the Labor Opposition, Keir Starr, has accused the government of reopening borders and giving conflicting instructions, advising them not to go on leave abroad except in a few rare sites.

On the occasion of the weekly question-and-answer session in Parliament, the conservative leader said, “We are trying to stop legislating for everything and trusting the recommendations by asking people to do the right thing.” Government.

Since Monday, restrictions on foreign travel have been relaxed to prevent the import of coronovirus cases and variants.

The government has established a system that classifies countries into three lists (green, orange and red) according to their health status.

Only a few of them, such as Portugal, are placed on the ‘Green List’, which allows vacationers to leave a quarantine and only have a test for COVID-19 upon their return. .

The most popular destinations for British holidays, such as Spain, Italy, France and Greece, are on the orange list, forcing travelers from those countries to spend ten days in quarantine at home and face two paid screenings.

Those returning from countries placed in a “red list” such as India will have to stay in quarantine for 11 nights in a hotel at a cost of 1750 pounds (about 2000 euros) at their expense.

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But, when questioned by various media in recent times, ministers expressed differing opinions on the possibility of visiting or not visiting destinations on the orange list, which led to confusion.

Boris Johnson assured Wednesday that the instructions were “very clear”. According to him, “You should not go to a country in the amber list, except in odd circumstances like a serious illness of a member of your family.”

The most damaged country in Europe with around 128,000 deaths, the United Kingdom has seen a significant improvement in its health status after a long and strenuous winter imprisonment and a vaccination campaign (60% of adults receiving the first dose).

This has prompted the government to maintain its deconfiguration roadmap, despite the recent outbreak of the variant initially found in India, northwest England and parts of London.

Johnson assured Parliament, “We are increasingly convinced that vaccines are effective against all variants, including the Indian version.”

The head of the government has come under criticism in recent times, after he was accused of imposing a stringent ban on travel to and from India last month when he was planning a trip to New Delhi.

The trip was eventually canceled due to a new wave of pollution incurred by India, which was eventually added to the United Kingdom’s “Red List”. But since then, more than a hundred flights have arrived from India and the Indian version has reached England, risking a complete reopening of the scheduled economy from 21 June.

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