United Kingdom: Companies pay less for non-vaccination

While the Omicron version is highly contagious, companies such as Next, Ikea, Morrison, Okado and others in the UK have opted to offer reduced compensation to their non-vaccinated employees forced into self-isolation due to Covid-19, to ask them to keep the serum. to be encouraged. administered and to reduce their costs related to the pandemic.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea thus outlines in a press release that for absences linked to the virus, “employees who are not vaccinated or vaccinated for specific reasons, such as pregnancy or other medical reasons, receive their full pay”. .

restrictions on a case-by-case basis

On the other hand, apart from these special cases, non-vaccinated get full coverage only if they test positive. If they have to isolate themselves because they are contact cases, they only receive the legal minimum (statutory sick pay, or SSP), which is much lower. “We know this is a very sensitive topic” and “there are many different circumstances” that will be investigated on a case-by-case basis, enraged the group in its press release.

Clothing chain Next, online food retailers Okado and Morrisons Supermarkets told AFP they are offering the company’s current “sick pay” for all employees who test positive for Covid-19, but legal for non-vaccination Minimum (SSP) – except in special circumstances – are forced to isolate themselves as these are contact cases. The SSP pays £96.35 (115 euros) per week, while Morrison’s employees, for example, get £10 per hour of work.

Ten days isolation for non-vaccinated contact cases

Millions of Britons find themselves in contact with people who have tested positive for Covid. Currently, contact cases not benefiting from the specific exemption are required to self-isolate for ten days after their last interaction with a person who has tested positive for COVID.

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Big US companies, for their part, began screwing up last summer by making vaccinations mandatory for their employees and even their customers. Large groups such as Google, Facebook, then Uber had thus officially banned their premises without a full immunization program for employees.

According to an internal document consulted by CNBC, in December, Google had also informed its employees that their salaries would not be paid and that they would be suspended if they did not declare their vaccination status beyond a certain date. Can also be fired.

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