in The uk The caviar war has broken out. In practice, a company has been condemned by a rival on suspicion of making a deal Chinese caviar like Russian Or Irani (much more valuable as we explained in our guide).

manufacturing company Caspian Monarch Has decided to sue a rival company guilty of writing on its packaging “Russian caviar”, With large and clearly visible words. Except that if you read the short below, it turns out that the alleged Russian caviar is actually manufactured in China.

According to Caspian Monarch this is a wrong system: eggs actually come from one Russian sturgeon, Only it is banned in China (remember that China is the first country in the world for the amount of caviar produced, while Italy ranks second).

Russian caviar is more aged and has a decidedly more intense flavor than others, for this reason it is considered the most valuable. Even more Iranian They consider their caviar among the finest in the world, arguing that the Caspian is a flavor produced along the southern shores of the Sea as it originates in cleaner and deeper waters. And the Chinese one? It is very beautiful to the eye, only that it has less taste than others.

For this reason Caspian Monarch has decided to ask competition officials to block the sale of rivals’ caviar until they compile something. the label It is more accurate.