United Kingdom: Chaos to arrive in France, passengers invited to wait

Travelers looking to cross the Channel to get to France from the United Kingdom this Saturday should be patient. In question, the lack of stormtroopers and ferries that exacerbate traffic jams.

The chaos comes amid Britain’s Easter holidays since the country lifted its coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Amid storms and a lack of ferries, travelers wishing to cross the Channel from the United Kingdom to France were asked to be patient on Saturday, as traffic jams swelled manifold around the British port of Dover.

“Be sure to bring food and drinks as it will be delayed,” officials in Kent, south-east England, have warned.

Hurricane and yacht crash

Kent’s official resilience forum, BBC Toby Howe, said on Saturday that “everything has come to a halt” between a storm and a reduction in losses linked to overnight layoffs of 800 workers at shipping company P&O in mid-March. .

“Yes, we had problems with the P&O. Then we had a storm at sea, which meant that many boats couldn’t cross that night,” he said, adding to the problems with customs, Brexit. Since often, the speed of the crossing was too slow.

Holiday departures were also disrupted at several airports in the United Kingdom, particularly in Manchester in the north-west of England. Several flights have been canceled due to staff shortages linked to large-scale layoffs during the pandemic due to COVID-19 cases among airline employees, including EasyJet.

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