United Kingdom: Camilla, wife of Prince Charles recently infected with Kovid-19, canceled a trip

Prince Charles Camilla’s wife has canceled her horse racing tour in England. In complete remission from Covid-19, she had to cancel another engagement earlier this week.

Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, who was recently affected by Covid-19, has given up on a horse race in England, canceling a second engagement this week.

Clarence House, which manages the Duchess of Cornwall’s communications, confirmed the cancellation of her visit to the race, at the end of which she was to present trophies, but did not wish to comment further. The wife of the heir to the British Crown is slowly recovering from Kovid-19.

Last week, the Duchess revealed that she was still suffering from a mild cough after being infected with the virus. “I still can’t get rid of it,” she told a group of rowers she met at Clarence House. She warned them that she “may suddenly start coughing and spitting up.”

mild symptoms

Camilla had canceled her appearance on Monday evening for an event during which she was to meet with her husband Charles, Commonwealth officials. She honored other official events this week. Queen Elizabeth II also caught Kovid in February showing mild symptoms.

She has since officially started getting engaged in person, but suffering from mobility issues she was absent from a ceremony honoring the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday.

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