United Kingdom: Camilla, in the shadow of the future King Charles

Prince Charles’ shadow companion before becoming his lawful wife in 2005, Camilla will receive the title of queen consort if her husband becomes king.

Will Camilla be inspired by the Queen in her dress of choice? While Elizabeth II celebrates her 96th birthday, the British press is enjoying finding similarities in the two women’s outfits: mint green during the 2013 Royal Ascot races, shades of blue during a mass in honor of the Commonwealth of Nations 2018, Vibrant purple on the same occasion next year, emerald green during service in honor of Prince Philip in March of this year …

However, according to royal biographer Christopher Wilson, it is not with the Queen that the Duchess of Cornwall can seek advice on navigating within the monarchy. “Camilla’s origin is of royal origin, with links to Henry IV, but she is also descended from a butler … She is not a royal by birth and looks nothing like a queen.”

Prince Charles’ shadow companion before becoming his lawful wife in 2005, Camilla will receive the title of queen consort if her husband becomes king. After years of skepticism, because the designation was originally intended for Diana, Charles’ first wife, the term was confirmed by Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee, which marks her 70-year reign.

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To prepare for the role, which is not official, Camilla will have to draw inspiration from the queen wives who have marked the history of the royal family. “All of its predecessors have always done things differently,” the expert continues. While waiting for her turn, Camilla therefore has to do two things: see what others have done, what they succeeded and what they missed, and then find her own role. Even her husband is not getting this role for her. ,

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The most recent example is that of Queen Elizabeth, known as the Queen Mother, who was a companion of Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI. “King was an ineffective man with a bad temper …, continues Christopher Wilson. In general, he always dressed very well because his wife would go out of her way to make him presentable! This She had a role in life. But in reality, she was more or less the one wearing the panties at Buckingham Palace. She was the secret sovereign, it was she who had led the dance since the abdication of George VI’s brother Edward VIII in 1936, even though It was she who believed that it was her husband. »

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But the task may be less daunting for Camilla: Charles already has a very firm opinion on how to fulfill his role as king when it comes to his turn. And because of the shadow cast by Princess Diana for a long time in British hearts, Camilla never wanted to expose herself too much. The specialist imagines that she would be satisfied above all to retain her role of supporting the Emperor. “Diana, who was an extraordinary woman, had her own character and her own life. But when you are the queen’s wife, you are there to support the great man, not just look at him! »

If William and Harry’s mom didn’t necessarily have the personality to take on the task, Camilla seems more suited. “The question is whether Camilla ever wanted a life like this…,” underlines the expert. When she began her relationship with Prince Charles, she certainly didn’t envision becoming queen. Bhar will be on parade and on duty when most people her age would prefer to spend their time in her garden! »

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Like other members of the royal family, once queen consort, Camilla will continue to take care of charities already charitable in the fields of culture and the arts, children, animals and even the preservation of the environment .

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