United Kingdom: Boris Johnson survives a vote of no confidence in his Conservative Party

Boris Johnson got a (small) respite. By winning the trust vote this Monday evening, the prime minister can take a breather, with no other no-confidence motion being moved for a year. But this time the ax didn’t go far. The scandal at 10 Downing Street, a series of heavy-water secret parties, while the state was confined due to COVID-19, cost an almost turbulent Boris Johnson his position, which some “friends” in his own party wanted to push out. “Bojo” remains in office thanks to 211 votes of Conservative MPs in his favour. 148 voted against, and now finds itself facing a fractured majority.

This Sunday, after reaching the fatal threshold of 54 letters of deputies (ie 15% of the parliamentary group) demanding the departure of their leader, the prime minister himself advocated the immediate holding of a trust vote… or no-confidence. History does not want to prolong the uncertainty and political downturn engendered by this “partygate” for several months. Boris Johnson commented on television, this is a “credible result, a conclusive result”. “As a government, we can go ahead and focus on the things that really matter,” he said.

What was BoJo accused of in office since 2019? Against a backdrop of skyrocketing inflation and the economic hardships associated with Brexit, “Partygate” is the drop of alcohol that broke the camel’s back. The Administrative Inquiry that has just been published, at the end of the glamorous parenthesis of the anniversary of the 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign, shocks the British. In 2020 and 2021, when the population lived most of the time in harsh prison sentences with harsh fines, Downing Street hosted parties worthy of Trump’s famous British “colleges” on several occasions. Without the slightest respect for the interruption gestures by the participants, members of the Johnson cabinet and various guests, as described in the investigation report and shown by some photographs published in the media. In short, the anti-Covid rules were broken to such an extent that the prime minister himself – the first – was being fined by the police!

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The growing unpopularity of the fiery leader has dealt a severe blow to his party in the local elections last May, in which Tory (conservative) strongholds have gone into the hands of Labor or “Libdems” (liberal Democrats). Above all, separatist Sinn Féin won the first in Northern Ireland, paving the way for a divorce from London, something that was never to happen as Boris Johnson promised.

Presenting his side to his troops at the end of the day this Monday, Boris Johnson said he was “glad” that the vote took place: “If you give me your support tonight, we’ll have to stop talking about us.” And especially start talking about what we are doing for the people of this country,” he said, according to a Conservative Party official. He deferred tax cuts and in 2019 He recalled winning “the strongest election victory for conservatives in 40 years”.

still under parliamentary scrutiny

This Monday evening, his “victory” was fragile and the troubles are not over for him. In late 2018, Theresa May escaped a motion of no confidence before resigning a few months later, much weaker. The majority is increasingly skeptical of the ability of “Bojo”, instigated by crowds during the celebrations of the Queen’s birth anniversary, to win the 2024 legislative election.

And above all, another sword of Damocles still looms over the prime minister. It is actually under the influence of another investigation, this time the Parliament. He must determine whether the prime minister knowingly lied to the House by claiming not to have broken health regulations. If it is established that he lied, he should not abstain from resignation…

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