United Kingdom, Boris Johnson eases anti-Covid measures. But a sixth hospital in England is in emergency

boris johnson already starts Light hold of covid, at least with regard to emergency measures to stop Omicron’s crazy curves. “The alternative plan It is a balanced and proportionate approach that has allowed us to keep the economy more open than in other nations” declared the British prime minister in parliament who stands firm on his position (over 100 rebel conservatives), or Do not impose restrictions other than masks, work from home and green passes, but only in crowded places., Johnson also eased safety measures: no longer required for all vaccinated passengers to swab before leaving for Great Britain from 4:00 a.m. on 7 January and within 2 days of arrival in the country PCR (molecular swab) is not required. With quarantine until failure, Instead a quick swab will suffice,

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So to ease the pressure on hospitals and others Analysis laboratories overwhelmed with more than 2 million swabs per day (with an average of 183,000 new positives coming out every day) The British Government has decided Compulsion of PCR also ended And for those who test positive for rapid swabs that now only have to self-isolate for 7 days,

And that’s when it’s only been 5 days record week, in which the United Kingdom has recorded the highest levels of infection since the start of the pandemic: 3.7 million cases between Christmas and New Year’s when 1 in 15 were English positive, with a peak of 1 in 10 residents in London.

In the British capital, the curve appears to be bending and the target has changed, slowing down the range of infected people between the ages of 20 and 24 who are most affected by Omicron, as well as those between the ages of 25 and 29. People too. On the other hand, infection is accelerating among those over 60 (+215% of cases between 60-64 years) and over 80, A trend that tarnishes hopes that London has already seen the worst. “I am not at all convinced that Omicron has already passed its peak in London, I don’t think we can say that, we have to consider that after the New Year’s Eve holidays and children’s schools What will happen with him returning,” he told the BBC about the chairman of King’s College NHS Trust, clive kayu,
it’s definitely sudden80% increase In the rest of the country, particularly in the north east of England, where a doubling of hospitalizations ignites new alerts in hospitals already in crisis, doctors and nurses are in trouble. “This is an exceptionally busy time in which we find ourselves with 10% less staff due to COVID and we are very concerned about what might happen if and when Omicron kills the most elderly and vulnerable” he British Explains to the broadcaster. tom best, director of the ICU at King’s College Hospital in London, where I Vaccination is not done in 3/4 covid hospitals.

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The continuous winter pressure on the hospitals has exceeded the warning level, 24 hospital organization (out of 134 in the country) He was forced to declare a state of emergency Because they are unable to provide health services and are under stress due to lack of doctors, nurses or beds. The shortage of staff quarantined for COVID affects not only hospitals in the state that are handling an additional load of 70,000 COVID patients, but also schools in various cities in the United Kingdom, such as Birmingham where some institutions has been forced to close.

Apart from internal pressure from his party, ‘soft strategy’ Conservative to combat Omicron is based on the success of the vaccination program adopted by Boris Johnson with 60% of the population receiving boosters. But the number, of infections, seems to provide a picture of light and shadow and when yesterday the positivity was 194 thousand announced ‘Plan B is enough’ The Prime Minister’s giving to the nation has certainly had a first impact on the psychological freedom of Londoners as the mandatory use of masks in shops is returning a little-thought-out option.

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