United Kingdom: a year after Brexit the good life without Europe?

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Is life better without Europe? Did the UK leave the EU a year ago with a risky election? Our journalists Jonathan Walsh and Clovis Casali toured the channel to understand the consequences of Brexit on British lives. From London via Belfast to Boston, the city that voted the most to leave the European Union, the country is affected by this change in trajectory.

On 23 June 2016, 51.89% of British voters voted in favor of their country’s withdrawal from the European Union. Strongly divided, the United Kingdom began a lengthy process of negotiations and the actual exit did not take place until January 31, 2020. The 11-month transition period allowed companies to prepare for the post-Brexit world. ,

Our reporters interviewed Nigel Farage exclusively. He who was the face of the campaign to leave the EU, assured that Boris Johnson’s government “can and should do much better” as “Brexit does not guarantee success”.

In fact, on land, disagreements persist on a number of topics, such as fishing and the question of Northern Ireland in particular. The Northern Irish Protocol concluded between London and Brussels created an invisible border in the open Irish Sea, fueling the fury of the Federalists, who were deeply attached to the British crown.

Labor shortages are felt in many sectors such as construction, catering or health. Faced with recruitment problems, bosses sometimes offer better pay, but pass this increase on to the prices passed to consumers.

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