United Kingdom: A Congolese woman at the head of a university

In the United Kingdom, where she lives with her family, Deborah Kaimbe, Congolese, became the first black rector of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. More than 16 years after fleeing his country, the 45-year-old lawyer of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is motivated to head this academy, while he is not thought of for such a position.

There was a wave of reactions from all sides, people could not believe that there is a sense of national pride, they are looking forward to the opening ceremony this summer, to see it with their own eyes in Scotland, it will be a truly summer event. , ” She insists.

Deborah Kaimbe has not set foot in the DRC, saying she is wished by an armed group to help her without thinking. Political activist specializes in human rights issues. His priority after assuming office on 1 March, he said, would be to ensure that the university attracts the brightest minds in Scotland to help it overcome coronoviruses. According to Deborah Kaymbe, the epidemic had the potential to open up opportunities for Africa, opening up possibilities for distance education.

“I want to make sure that with this Kovid-19 that has changed the way we live, the university is at the forefront of shaping the future, because there are so many things that will change. So I hope the university changes To bring together the talented minds of Scotland and think about how we can shape the future and make this Kovid alive. “

Deborah Kayambe hopes to promote better education for the continent through her role as rector. He said that the epidemic had the potential to open up the potential of distance education for Africa.

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